Alumni Spotlight: Maggie Phillips, CCC-SLP


Photo of Maggie Phillips

Maggie Phillips graduated from UConn with her Bachelors degree and her Masters degree in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. Maggie first became interested in Speech Pathology because of her mother’s career in special education. She took an introductory course in speech pathology and fell in love with it. After gaining her masters degree Maggie moved to Texas and started working in private clinics where she became further interested in literacy and its place in the scope of practice for SLP’s. During the pandemic in 2020, Maggie started her own private practice focusing on general pediatric language and literacy. Shortly after she moved to North Carolina. While listening to an SLP podcast Maggie came across the subject of dosage in treatment and what is best practice for dosage in the pediatric population. After extensive research Maggie has begun working shorter sessions (dosage) at a higher frequency into her practice, as indicated by current research. Maggie talks fondly of her time at UConn and how it has prepared her for her current position as a private practice owner “one thing graduate students should know is that you’re getting the educational basis at UConn and clinical practicum gives you hands-on experience. Uconn prepared me to confidently go into the research and interact with peers and other professionals. UConn taught me how to sift through the evidence base and differentiate between high quality interventions and pseudoscience.”