Gifts to the department help support our programs, students, faculty, and research; children and adults with communication disorders; and the UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Our Funds

Financial gifts to the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) enhance our educational and community engagement programs. Your gift may support one of our existing funds, outlined below. It may also create a new fund for current needs or an endowment to support programs into the future. Gifts may be made in honor of a faculty member or friend.

Aphasia Program Fund

Gifts to the Aphasia Program Fund support aphasia programming including but not limited to aphasia group and therapy support, educational technology and materials, travel and conference participation.

Speech, Language, and Hearing Science Excellence Fund

Gifts to the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Excellence Fund provide general support for the department, including but not limited to travel, honorarium, receptions, conferences, and student and faculty support.

Robert Hasselberger Fund: Advancing Aphasia Research

Gifts to the Robert Hasselberger Advancing Aphasia Research Fund support equipment, graduate assistants, research assistants, and participant recruitment expenses related to advancing aphasia research in the department.

Speech and Hearing Clinic Fund

Gifts to this fund provide support for the areas of greatest need at the UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Contact Us

For questions about giving to the Department or establishing a new fund, please contact a CLAS development officer.

To make a gift via mail or securities, please visit the How to Give to UConn page on the UConn Foundation website.