Guided Clinical Observation

Guided clinical observation provides students who are interested in audiology and/or speech-language pathology with a chance to witness the interactions between professionals and patients firsthand.

About Guided Clinical Observation

While guided observation hours are not required for students earning a BA in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) from UConn, many graduate schools require observation hours prior to enrollment. We encourage students to look at graduate degree programs to determine their requirements for observation hours.

Guided observation hours are offered and approved for enrolled UConn students only. Any hours submitted or obtained post-graduation will not be approved by UConn.

How to Earn Guided Observation Hours

Guided clinical observation hours are available to UConn students through three mechanisms below.

Guided Clinical Observation at the Speech and Hearing Clinic

The UConn Speech and Hearing Clinic offers a finite number of on-site guided observation hours.  If sessions will be offered, information about available opportunities and how to register will be announced via email and in the SLHS Student Digest approximately two weeks prior to the offered sessions.

Guided Clinical Observation Earned Outside of the Speech and Hearing Clinic

Students may earn hours at either an off-site facility or through UConn speech-language labs if under the direction of a professional certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Guided Clinical Observation through Master Clinician

Students can use the Master Clinician Network to earn guided observation hours. Please select Lucinda Soares Gonzales as the approver. Once you have completed all intended observation hours through the Master Clinician Network, please email Ms Gonzales at so that she can approve your hours.

Submitting Guided Observation Hours

We recommend the following steps for submitting completed guided observation hours to your graduate program:

  1. Do not submit any documents until you have completed all your intended hours.
  2. Make a single PDF of all observation hours and supporting documentation.
  3. Complete all sections of the observation hours final submission form.
  4. Please send an email to Lucinda Soares Gonzales with two attachments:
    • The Observation Hours Final Submission form as a Word document.
    • The single PDF document of all hours and supporting documentation.
    • If applicable, any approved Master Clinician Hours logs
  5. Ms. Gonzales will then review and approve your materials. We will alert you within a week if your hours are approved and email back the signed observation hours final submission form.

If you have any questions, please email