Au.D. Admissions

The Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) welcomes applicants to our Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program. We are a full-time, residential clinical training program with students matriculating each fall. With a small faculty-to-student ratio, our program provides personalized attention, hands-on clinical experience, and guidance to prepare students for successful careers.

Admissions Overview

The admission process at UConn is highly selective. Our program looks for students who will excel at UConn and in the field of audiology.

The department's Admissions Committee carefully evaluates every application. We consider a variety of factors, including the student’s academic record and letters of recommendation. Equally important is the student’s motivation for study, commitment, and personal background. We also consider whether the applicant has a strong command of written and spoken English as evidenced in their written essay and communication with the department.

Applicants are not required to have an undergraduate degree in communication disorders. However, applicants who do not have a background in speech and hearing sciences and communication disorders may need to complete prerequisite coursework.

Application Deadline

January 1

For more information, contact

Application Instructions

Prospective UConn Au.D. students must apply through both the Centralized Application Service for Communication Science & Disorders Programs (CSDCAS) and the UConn Graduate School's online application to be considered for admission to the program.

CSDCAS Application

Log on to the CSDCAS Portal.

  • Search for the UConn program.
  • Complete application questions.
  • Submit official copies of all transcripts from any institution in which you have completed collegiate courses to CSDCAS for review.
    • We recommend you submit these as early in the process as possible to allow CSDCAS time to review.
    • Should you choose to resend them after your fall semester grades have been calculated, you may do so; however, your application must be listed as “Complete” by the deadline in order to be reviewed.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation – we recommend that at least two of these come from academic references. The CSDCAS system requires that letters be submitted electronically. If you are having issues obtaining an electronic reference, please contact the department at
  • Complete two essay questions (1,500 characters or less).
  • Include your personal statement and a two-page resume that outlines your work and research experience.
  • Complete the Essential Functions Attestation.
  • Refer to the CSDCAS Help Guide for questions.

UConn Graduate School Application

Log on to the UConn Graduate School application portal.

  • Complete application questions.
  • Under “Intended Program,”
    • select “Health,”
    • select “Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Au.D.,”
    • select “Storrs,” and
    • select “Fall” of the next year.
  • Upload unofficial copies of your transcripts. Note: International applicants should follow the instructions listed on the Transcript application page.
  • If your primary language is not English, send TOEFL scores to UConn using code 3915.
  • Please note that "Employment," "Essays and Documents," and "Recommendation Letters" are not required.

Application Review

Your applications must be listed as “Complete” in the CSDCAS application portal and “Submitted” in the UConn Graduate School application portal for the Admissions Committee to consider your application.

CSDCAS must receive all materials (e.g., transcripts, letters of recommendation, essential functions attestation) by the application deadline. The Admissions Committee will review applications that are waiting to be verified in CSDCAS as of January 1, but all materials must be submitted before the deadline to be reviewed.

Our Admissions Committee will begin reviewing applications shortly after the deadline.

On-Campus Interview

After reviewing all applications, the Admissions Committee will invite selected applicants to an on-campus interview before they make admissions decisions. These interviews typically take place from late January through early February. The interview is an opportunity for applicants to share their experiences, discuss future goals, and add a personal touch to their application.

Decisions and Entrance Requirements

The department will send decision letters to applicants via the UConn Graduate School application portal in March.

Upon admission to our program, students are required to undergo a background check and drug screening. These requirements will continue throughout your time in the program.

Application Status

Please note that the department does not respond to inquiries to confirm the submission of your application. Please check the application portals to confirm your applications have been submitted. If you have concerns about your application status, please contact the following: