Colloquium Series

The Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) Colloquium Series highlights theory-guided, hypothesis-driven translational research in our field.

The series features UConn researchers, top scholars from other universities across the country, and industry professionals. Invited speakers deliver 40-minute talks, with 20 minutes reserved for discussion and questions. Speakers also provide a relevant paper for students to read in advance of the talk to encourage interactive discussions.

The events are open to all research faculty, clinical faculty, and graduate students in our department, as well as UConn researchers in relevant departments, such as psychological sciences and linguistics.

All events begin at 7 p.m. See below for the event dates and locations.

For questions or if you require an accommodation to participate, email Jennifer Mozeiko.

Current Events

2022-2023 Colloquium Series

October 2, 2022
“Sleep to Learn: Towards Improving the Retention of Speech in Adults with Learning Disabilities”
Presented by: Dr. Sayako Earle, University of Delaware

November 7, 2022
“Behavior Change for Physical Activity in People with Parkinson’s Disease”
Presented by: Dr. Cristina Colón-Semenza, University of Connecticut

February 6, 2023
“Functional Laryngeal Disorders: Brain Learns Pain”
Presented by: Christina Kang, The Voice Forum, LLS

March 6, 2023
“Teletherapy for Speech Therapy Services”
Presented by: Annie Tyrell and Annie Iovanella, TeleTalk Therapy

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Past Events

2021-2022 Colloquium Series

October 4, 2021
“Lessons Learned from Aphasia Telepractice: The Impact of Social Determinants of Health and Other Factors”
Presented by: Dr. Charles Ellis Jr., East Carolina University

November 1, 2021
“Noisy Environments During Childhood: Language Disparities Later in Life?”
Presented by: Dr. Carlos Benitez-Barrera, University of Texas

February 7, 2022
“Diagnostic Stability of Language Impairment in Autistic Young Adults”
Presented by: Dr. Teresa Girolama, University of Connecticut

March 7, 2022
“Opening the Door: Lessons Learned from Auditory Neuroscience Fieldwork”
Presented by: Dr. Erika Skoe, University of Connecticut

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2020-2021 Colloquium Series

October 5, 2020
“ASHA and the Eight Percent: Implications and Considerations”
Presented by: Valerie Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP, Rutgers University

November 2, 2020
“Letters of Recommendation, Unconscious Bias, and Admissions in CSD Graduate Programs”
Presented by: Dr. Brandi L. Newkirk-Turner, Jackson State University

December 7, 2020
SLHS Diversity Workshop
Presented by: Paula Calandra, Elizabeth Collin, Madison Thompson, Madison Perriolat, Aurora Amadeo, and Corrine Sylvain

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2019-2020 Colloquium Series

October 2, 2019
“Northeastern U. Voice Bank”
Presented by: Dr. Rupel Patel, Northeastern University

November 6, 2019
SLHS Doctoral Students

December 4, 2019
“How can CSD professionals provide a culturally responsive service to multicultural/diverse populations with reference to research and shared experiences?”
Presented by: Dr. Sharimila Ambrose, SUNY Plattsburgh

February 5, 2020
“Considerations in Group Conversation Treatment for Aphasia”
Presented by: Dr. Elizabeth Hoover, Boston University

March 4, 2020
“My Beautiful Stutter”
Film Viewing

April 1, 2020
Dr. Jonathan Preston, Syracuse University

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