Month: September 2021

2021-2022 Colloquium Series

October 4, 2021
“Lessons Learned from Aphasia Telepractice: The Impact of Social Determinants of Health and Other Factors”
Presented by: Dr. Charles Ellis Jr., East Carolina University

November 1, 2021
“Noisy Environments During Childhood: Language Disparities Later in Life?”
Presented by: Dr. Carlos Benitez-Barrera, University of Texas

February 7, 2022
“Diagnostic Stability of Language Impairment in Autistic Young Adults”
Presented by: Dr. Teresa Girolama, University of Connecticut

March 7, 2022
“Opening the Door: Lessons Learned from Auditory Neuroscience Fieldwork”
Presented by: Dr. Erika Skoe, University of Connecticut