Akshay Maggu

Assistant Professor

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Trained as an auditory-cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Maggu in his research program,
investigates the effect of short-term (e.g., auditory training) and long-term (e.g.,
language) auditory experiences on typical and atypical central auditory nervous
systems. At the University of Connecticut, Dr. Maggu directs the
Auditory Perception and Neuroscience Lab with a long-term goal of developing efficacious
tools for screening, diagnostics, and intervention for auditory disorders. Dr. Maggu obtained
his postdoctoral fellowships at the Kresge Hearing Research Institute at the
University of Michigan Medical School and at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
at Duke University. He obtained his PhD at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He
also possesses international clinical experience working as an audiologist.

Akshay Maggu
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